Assalammualaikum, hey peeps. Hehe sorry for my disappearing. When Id try to post new post daily things comes up. Ugh thats bad. Ikr. Nevermind lah, im already here. So ssuuuup? How things goin babe? Um guess what? Pmr waaaaaaaaaaaaaas over well even its already a month but who cares. That feeling when Im passing my arab paper, uhhh~
Alhamdulillah, everything was fine. Thank you Allah. :')
But really, something good happened to me. When Im answering the komsas, I thought this year i meant form3 komsas gonna get out but no. Form 2 yg keluar and I was like ya Allah, mcm mana ni en. And then I just wrote lah whateve comes on my mind, after that I forgot the antagonis's name. Like reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaly. Lupa gilaaa, rasa nak nangis je dah lah benda tu penting. And i kept on praying, selawat banyak kali. And puup! I got remember it and thanked for days, hehe but really alhamdulillah.

So um im not goin to talk more about pmr cuz its already ovaahh. Lets talk about my baby growing up. Lol its one direction lah. The hottest boyband in the world. Um excuse my languange. Well, they were my obsession rn, and porebah. Hehe, and I bought their notebook online and its already here this morning and I was soo xcited like yah, have a look! 

So here they are. Cute doest? Hehe thaaanks. Well gtg more post comin. Love ya ^^