From right ( Hwang He, Hyunsik, Minwo, Siwan, Doojun)(Only that i know, mueheh)

Im shakiinggg

One of lucky draw winner, yeah its guy. Ikr

Siwan malu time ni, aahh cutie.

During one of the game.

So thats it bye


So, its been 2 days I didnt post anything. Hehe got story to tell.
Last saturday's night I went to a showcase at Kenannga Wholesale City, Kl. 
Its ZEEAAAAAAAAAAAAA showcase. Ze:A actually. Hahaha well its just suddenly,
my old friend, Nabilah Amirah was like "Ive got 2 tickets my other friend cant go so??" And I was weeeeeeeent omg yessss yes yes. Haha lol tipu je, tanya mama banyak kali boleh pergi ke tak, alhamdulillah boleh. Thanks mom :* Actually pagi tu dah pergi Kl ade wedding house balik pun dah lambat dlm around 3, 4 pm and I was like alah sempat ke tak ni, nak balik Telok balik yg takes 2 hours something tukar baju lpstu pergi sana balik. Alhamdulillah sempat. Sampai Kwc dlm pukul 6 setengah mcm tu. SO yes we make it! hehe
Annnnd its all goes well, but ive forgot to bring more money and no food no drink, no lamp, no poster aaaah saddy sad. Haha its okay lah, janji dapat tgk Siwan <3>

Dh masuk hall dlm pukul 730 peh penuh sesak, um tapi takde ah sesak sngt. Kira okay la lagi, pastu mcm ada tiga zon. And Ive got middle zon kira nampak jugak lah, tapi still jauh. :( Shows sampai 10 lebih mcm tu my brother dgn my friend's brother hantarkan, hehe thanks thanks. Tired shouting recording but it was awwuuusome!
When they dance, i literally cried, aaaah so cute Siwan and Hyunsik.
Dong Jun was hooot i told you... And there's game but my number tickets not a lucky, and thas sad. Some got takes pictures with the, playing games, written tshirt. Aaah
I just can see all of that. Um nvm laaah, and tak tahu pulak one of the actor To The Beautiful You was ZeA members Hwang He 
Ada part tu, he suddenly singing Lovin U song and dancing aaaaaaaaaah
im freak out it was so funnnny and cute and sexy, ah ah ah.
And and this one winner got plays game with Siwan, dorang pilih game tolak tolak smbil pegang tngn mcm palm ke palm lah, and baru nak start main DONGJUN yg sakai tu haishhh tolak Siwan and aaaaaaaaaaahh he hugged the girl and everyone was freaked out i swear.
Thats not good dongjun ,if that was me. I die i die okayyy.
But most of winner first game, Malays and second Chinese. Ada time tu Dongjun got guys winner to play with him and he was lik "Oh come on" Hahahhahahha omg cutie dankeww.
Ive take pictures but still workin on it, after this post. Insyallah I will upload it. Tapi banyak ambil video. Then battery kong cam hape je, lupe nak charge before that night #unlucky haha nvm but i had so much fun with Nabilah, thanks bby glad to meet you :)


Hehe haaaaaaaaaai people. so last night i was sleepover at my keluarga angkat house cause   hujan kan malam tadi so tak dan nak balik. most of my time i played with le kids and eat and eat. um well im getting fat everyday since its already school holidays, uuuu suck.
Need to go excercise daily, um its a must must must. Yes.
So Its been 4 days since the spm starts, well goodluck sista and brothaaaaaa,
do your best and all the best. Next year dah masuk form four macam tak caye je,
and insyallah i will go into a boarding school, *boooooooo*
Lol takut ah, kena tinggalkan mama baba, rumah, mknn yg sedap2, internet twitter semua, oh shiz. Tapi bila lagi nak masuk asrama, nnt dh besar tak biasa pulak.
And nnt ambil spm, berterabur lagi kang ha tak pasai2.
Um hope i will get the letter. heheh and straight A's for pmr result. Amin. 


Um hi guys. I think my day today was ruined by my own brother. Well hello, um im asked them to bring me to watch a movie on cinema and they was like um okay yeah, but now ugh. No car, where the hell they are rn idk. Can you just appreciate ur little sister once. Argghh nvm lah i can go with my friend, its more fun i guess. So ttyl byep


Assalammualaikum, hey peeps. Hehe sorry for my disappearing. When Id try to post new post daily things comes up. Ugh thats bad. Ikr. Nevermind lah, im already here. So ssuuuup? How things goin babe? Um guess what? Pmr waaaaaaaaaaaaaas over well even its already a month but who cares. That feeling when Im passing my arab paper, uhhh~
Alhamdulillah, everything was fine. Thank you Allah. :')
But really, something good happened to me. When Im answering the komsas, I thought this year i meant form3 komsas gonna get out but no. Form 2 yg keluar and I was like ya Allah, mcm mana ni en. And then I just wrote lah whateve comes on my mind, after that I forgot the antagonis's name. Like reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaly. Lupa gilaaa, rasa nak nangis je dah lah benda tu penting. And i kept on praying, selawat banyak kali. And puup! I got remember it and thanked for days, hehe but really alhamdulillah.

So um im not goin to talk more about pmr cuz its already ovaahh. Lets talk about my baby growing up. Lol its one direction lah. The hottest boyband in the world. Um excuse my languange. Well, they were my obsession rn, and porebah. Hehe, and I bought their notebook online and its already here this morning and I was soo xcited like yah, have a look! 

So here they are. Cute doest? Hehe thaaanks. Well gtg more post comin. Love ya ^^


Hm hi! Lusa, Ive a test. A Kkq test. Stand as Kelas kemahiran Alquran. Kelas arab je yang ambil. Sad. Hm so Ive said at my last post that I will post about my birthday "tomorrow" but Im not. Im not sure when the 'tomorrow' is. Haha sorry. But I will do after I finish my test this Tuesday. Insyallah. 
Wish me good on my test. OK? Hehe bye salam. 

Short post

Im sorry myb I cant post about yesterday which is my birthday , today. Confused tak? Haha Im fasting today so yeah. Not so much energy left. Btw love you guys ~