The Day

Assalammualaikum. *sapu blog* lol suddenly. Haha soooooo!


*fireworks* *blowthecandle* *clappinghands*
haha celebrate at my own blog je lah since didnt celebrate at home school or wherever. sadlyfe. haha nooooooooo im very thankful within this fifteen years. Very. Alhamdulillah. And Ive got family friends who always beside me. Insyallah. Thaaaaaaaanks to whom yg wishh me at school this morning.
I lovee you guuyyyys so muchies. Eh. 

So Ive made a list of name who wish me at firssssst one. But myb tomorrow cause i dun know who is the last one. Right because its still 6 pm now. So next post ok? hehe. But still thaaaaaaaaaanks again siapa yg wish kt Twitter , Facebook , and at school. I just love you guys. Tsk tsk
 *tears stream down on ma face* just kidddinnn ok bye

Btw rasa macam nak peluk je siapa kt sekolah tadi mcm ni. Haha tpi peluk sweet dh cukup ah en. Haha
Till next post.