Another life.

Yaww yaww ssup guys? Hows been? Lol fyi I want to creating post everyday. I will try. So dun cha worreh. Haha. Guess what again? Im not even learning at school todayyy. Cause yolo. Lol kiddin. Many of my teachers didnt come. Hope they've been well. Hehe. Then myb not in mood want to teach us. So party in the class. Sadlyfe but it was fun. I keep telling them that tomorrow is my birthday. Haha idc. Just now , tuition 'sTAR' Ive brought last night birthday cake. And they all was like 'nakkkkkk sikittttt'. But that little sikit means a lot. Haha nvm i love them. 

Oh last night father and not so all my siblings made some surprise for my mothers birthday. Which is 19 june. Very close to mine. Hehe mama was like um surprise lah. Haha my second brother , Angah brought chocolate cheese ice cream lol whatsoever cake. Its delicious seriously. So had fun today. Alhamdulillah. 

Tomorrow is my birthdayyyyyyyyy!  I really hope it was fun. A wish from a friend is ever good enough.  Amin