Till the end.

Assalammualaikum and hi le creatures. Hehe Ive just got back from school 2 hours ago.Not just got back lah. So after Ive log in my twitter. Guess what? Josh who is One Direction's drummer doing a twitcam. Aaaaandd there is my cute little bby there. Niall of course. I just cant lah. Hes so cute. I swore. Hm tweeting to them and never hope lah they want to reply right. Haha nvm. Btw today was like others weekday. Boring at school. Saw my crush. Who is sakai. I guess. Hm hes doing nothing pun. Andd idc. But inside I care a lottt. Ugh but still focus on ma studies. Hehe. Sounds wrong. 

Ive been in my high school for 3 years. Almost. And I dont want to leave this school. But yeah I have to. I dont want see my old schoolmates anymore. My old teachers. The class. The canteen. The boring assembly. The crush. Ergh also can ah. I need to move school next year. Must. Insyallah. Again pray for me. I dont want live with my past anymore. No. no. Let them all miss me. Or not. Idc. I just hope they still remember me. The one friends. Who tried to help them when they needs. I hope so. But I can be annoying sometimes. Sorry. This is me. No one can changes. Salam.

#2daystomynextbirthday! Yeppie :)