La La Land

Hi guys, we meet again. Hehe so ssup? Im doing fine right now. Maybe. So tomorrow is Monday. Omg I cant even. Why Friday was soo close to Monday and Monday was far away from Friday. Hm. Well think its yourself bby. Btw Ive prepared fer school tomorrow. But not with my homeworks. Ugh why so hard. Wait up I havent story yet about my husbands. Yahh yah I know right to young. Haha Im madly inlove with my four british husbands and specially my irish one. Tehee~ Dont you dare to take them or I'll kill ya. Haha no just kiddin. We can share you know. I being a Directioners since last year which is 2011. I know its late but who cares. They're silly crazy hot aaahh and talented of course. I just love them. Lets pray that all directioners around the world will meet them! Hehe Im cute. Lol so guys goodluck for school tomorrow. 

Ohhhhh I forgot to tell ya. Ive got 6A 3B for this midyear exam. Alhamdulillah. After a week Ive strive doing lots of reading hm and thats Ive got. Hehe Id take arabic thats why its nine. Pray for my Pmr. Again. Hehe. Anddd to all my lovely dovey friends. Harhar So yeah bye salam. :)